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Meeting Planning and Software

Build the best app for your conference and let it lead the way

What would happen if the organizing principle of a successful convention or conference was its mobile app? A look at how major organizations can start practicing now...

What can Google+ do for meeting planners?

Meeting planners are being invited to automate many of their time honored processes...

The three levels of Strategic Meetings Management Adoption

Despite all the benefits, there is still much inertia, even among the largest companies and associations that have the most money to save...

Meeting Content, Ideas and New Unconference

Making the Unconference Conference Format Work

New "unconference" meeting format replaces much of traditional styled meetings with methods more in line with how people interact in their daily lives over the web

Should You Offer Conference Attendees a Money Back Guarantee?
The idea of offering conference attendees a money back guarantee may seem far-fetched to some, but...

Keeping the Meeting Going...

One of the most difficult tasks is how to maximize the content and contacts gained from the meeting after it has ended...

Six ways to keep attendees alert at traditional meetings

Nothing like stating the obvious, but these days coffee is being supplemented ...

Meeting Planners: What's a CMP?

Get certified as a meeting planner

Carol Turner, executive director of the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade, speaks for many when she calls her training baptism by fire..."

Best Practices in Convention Room Block Management

Technology has made managing room blocks for conventions much easier and more difficult

Virtual Trade Shows Get Real

There is much the virtual trade show industry can learn from its real world counterparts and vice versa

10 reasons to use a CVB

If you are planning a convention or conference, a CVB might be your best friend, especially in unfamiliar areas

Second Tier Convention Cities

Conventions remain the best way to exchange ideas, promote products, and make contacts, and thanks to a wealth of meeting facilities in so-called second-tier markets, bringing together like-minded professionals...

Factors in Convention Site Selection

A unique factor like a Disney theme park near Anaheim and Orlando can be a great draw, but is only one consideration when selecting a convention destination

The Future of Convention Name Tags

What a leader in the Convention Name Tag industry sees for the future may suprise you...

Top 25 Convention Centers

These facilities are in the cities that are the busiest places in terms of convention visits...

Selling a Convention Destination - what makes it unique?

Whether it is art, history or the urban vibe, every destination is unique...More on selling the destination

Corporate Meetings

10 Arguments for Holding Meetings and Conferences Despite Budget Constraints

10 reasons from planners across the country as to why meetings and conventions are essential"

Real Meetings VS Virtual Meetings

While the use of virtual events and webinars are increasing, they can never replace real meetings in a specific location here on earth...